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Patek Philippe Calatrava Replica

Today, we will analyze and detail the current model of the Patek Philippe Calatrava and conclude this series of three-part articles. After reading the first two articles, “Blueprint Ref.96” and “Important Models in History,” you will agree that modesty and low-key Calatrava is one of the most iconic formal watches in the history of watchmaking, Dress is the type of watch plays an important role. Incredibly, the classic design of the Calatrava series has remained essentially unchanged for about 85 years since its introduction in 1932. Although we have seen many changes over the years, the core principles of the Calatrava line are consistent and good news for both antique watch enthusiasts and new buyers.

According to Patek Philippe official website information, the current brand offers 34 different models of Calatrava watch (including different materials, does not include complex functions). However, only the basic features are included in the Calatrava classification on the official Patek Philippe site, but the series includes more complex models such as the Ref.5235G three-pin Almanac and the Ref.5524G flight time travel watch. This article will focus on six very distinctive special models to demonstrate the unity and diversity of the Patek Philippe Calatrava collection.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Collection Ref.5196 watch
In the existing Calatrava product line, the two closest models to the original Ref.96 watch are Ref.5196 and Ref.5296, respectively, as shown by the same “96” in the reference number. Ref.5196 watch diameter of 37 mm, slightly larger size, more modern, called the perfect example of elegant simplicity. Despite the larger size, the case still follows the same design with a “coin rim” flat bezel and integrated lugs. The dial layout is basically the same as the original Ref.96 watch, with the central toffee hour hand, the angled facets and ancillary small seconds.

The difference is that the small seconds of the Ref.5196 watch is above the 6 o’clock hour marker while the small seconds of the original Ref.96 watch is embedded between the 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock time scales. Equipped with a Caliber 215 PS hand-wound movement, the movement is only 2.55 mm thick and offers a stable 28,800 hph (4 Hz) frequency. Ref.5196 watch offers gold, platinum, rose gold and platinum four versions, including platinum plate with a silver gray dial, and decorative gold Breguet inlaid with the time scale (reminiscent of several versions of the Ref.570 wrist Table), small seconds disk also added digital scale circle, and slightly different from the other three versions.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Collection Ref.5296 watch
Ref.5296 watch available in four versions, made of two kinds of case material and a combination of two dial designs. Ref.5296-010 watch is the essence of the Central Second Hand Ref.96. Of course, Ref.5296 watch equipped with Caliber 324 S C self-winding movement, and equipped with Gyromax® balance wheel and Spiromax® hairspring. And Ref.5196 watch the same, Ref.5296 watch dial decorative center hour pointer and prism faceted time scale.

Compared with the Ref.5196 watch, the main improvement of the Ref.5296 best luxury replica watches is the addition of a date display window at the 3 o’clock position, which is clearly not available on the original Ref.96 watch. Ref.5296-001 watch is equipped with silver-gray color dial, using a very stylish partition design, and decorative blue scale scale and time-sharing second hand. According to Patek Philippe, the design of this watch is inspired by the 19.9 Ref.96 SC watch. Ref.5296-010 watch and Ref.5296-001 watch diameter are 38 mm, respectively, available in white and rose gold versions.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Collection Ref.5116 and Ref.5119 watch
Ref.5116 watch and Ref.5119 watch is Ref.3520 watch the modern embodiment. Launched in 1973, the Ref.3520 was the first Calatrava watch to feature a Paris-studded bezel, and has since become a staple of the Calatrava collection. The Ref.5116 and Ref.5119 are both 36mm dia and have a Caliber 215 PS hand-wound movement (the same as the Ref.5196).

Ref.5119 watch offers gold, white gold and rose gold version, with white lacquer dial with Roman numerals. Ref.5116 watch is only available in rose gold version, with a pure enamel dial with Roman numerals, make this watch more unique than the other models (of course, the corresponding price is more expensive).

Patek Philippe Calatrava Collection Ref.6006G watch
The Ref.6006G is one of the newest releases by Patek Philippe replica for sale at the 2017 Baselworld and is the third of a series that debuted in the early 1990s. Ref.6006G before the watch is introduced in 2005 Ref.6000 watch; before, is introduced in 1991 Ref.5000 watch. Without doubt, the Ref.6006G is one of the most unorthodox models in the Calatrava line. The watch’s dial layout is very unique, hour, minute and date are used to display the pointer, from the inside out with three corresponding scale circle.

Another unique feature of this watch is the small second handset, which is unusually placed between 4 and 5 o’clock due to the built-in Caliber 240 PS self-winding movement, which is celebrating its birth 40 this year Anniversary celebration. Black and white dial contrast, legible, still revealing all the Calatrava watch design, style-compliant features Bauhaus concept. The Ref.6006G has a white gold case 39 mm in diameter and is very modern and suitable for wear to today’s standards, but may not have the same eternal charm as other Calatrava models.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Series Ref.5180 / 1R hollow watch
As mentioned above, the 2017 is the 40th anniversary of the Patek Philippe Caliber 240 PS self-winding movement. As part of the celebration, the brand also introduced the new Calatrava Collection Ref.5180 / 1R openwork exact replica watches at Baselworld, placing it in a place that everyone can see and admire. The movement components, and even the bridge above the main barrel, were elaborately hollowed out by Patek Philippe craftsmen to reveal the winding clockwork beneath the Calatrava cross pattern. It took more than a week to achieve such hollow transparency, and the carver spent more than 130 hours finishing the delicate vines and arabesques of the rest of the movement.

The Patek Philippe Genève Patek Philippe Genève logo is engraved on the barrel case around the Calatrava cross pattern, and the cross pattern itself is trimmed. Then, the finished intact caliber engraved movement needs plating rose gold, and then polished to echo the case and bracelet. Finally, but also for the entire movement set 18K rose gold ring. The ring frame is hollowed out into 12 spokes, acting as a time scale. Ref.5180 / 1R Perhaps not the humble, understated Calatrava we are familiar with, but definitely a stunning piece of art.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Series Ref.5524G flight time travel watch
Finally, let’s talk about the most controversial Calatrava (and even Patek Philippe) timepieces in recent years: the Ref.5524G flight time travel watch. When the 2015 Baselworld Watch 2015 was last rolled out, the watch sparked controversy. For many, it is hard to think of it as a Calatrava watch because the Ref.5524G case (18K white gold instead of stainless steel) has a diameter of 42 mm, dual time zones and day and night display, Tuning button. In fact, the military wind watch also has a precedent in the history of Patek Philippe, the original Ref.96 watch variant will be able to see the military wind dial.

At the same time, we can still see many Bauhaus elements from Ref.5524G, such as unique fonts, ease of use and practicability of the overall design. It may not look like the traditional Calatrava replica watches review d norms. Ref.5524G watch equipped with Caliber CH 324 S C FUS self-winding movement, which provides 45-hour power reserve and decorative Patek Philippe brand mark, to ensure that exquisite decoration and high precision. As Ref.5524G is a true Calatrava watch, I believe that after reading the series of articles, each watchmate has its own answer.

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“I saw a piece of material from Sichuan,” said Premier Chou En-lai, at the literary and art symposium and feature film creation meeting in 1961. “One of the comrades replied: ‘I do not want to be considered old, how much do you like? You do not like the old man?

From the end of 2015 Li Yi Feng endorsement of Tiger TAG Heuer, a small number of people began to feel bad. “Before Chen Daoming how good, why find Li Yi Feng!” “Li Yi Feng endorsement, good vulgar ah, I decided not to buy TAG Heuer.” After these online remarks, Tiger TAG Heuer Shanghai Hong Kong Hang Hang Plaza spokesman on the day of the meeting, in the Yi Yi Feng was away from the fans were away from the scene soon after leaving the store in the atrium of the new concept store Tiger TAG Heuer immediately sold two Block Li Yi Feng has just demonstrated the Calella series of watches.

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Jean-Claude Biver, president of LVMH Group Watch & Watch, said at the scene: “Li Yifeng’s influence in the Greater China region after 90 extraordinary, his success flaunted the vitality of young forces, and infinite possibilities. First of all, Tiger TAG Heuer brand positioning is to meet the young high-end consumer services; Secondly, Li Yifeng’s influence in the young people in a large, most of the young people like he. You feel dissatisfied Li Yi Feng, can only say that you are not young, and then you or that small part of Li Yifeng do not like the young people, the brand does not care for you.

And Tiger TAG Heuer’s spokesperson Chen Daoming, an interview with an article on his interview, he talked about such a young man so occupied the market, he has felt strange. On the young groups feel strange, and how this endorsement? With the main theme of Tiger TAG Heuer has already run counter to the already.

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In the 1990s, the young American actor Mark? Marker and the same young British supermodel Kate Moss (Kate Moss) in the 1990s, the young American actor Mark? Has been together for the US underwear brand CK shooting underwear advertising, controversial but classic, publicity effect is obvious.

The face of different regional markets and different characteristics of the consumer groups, luxury brands will always make a different choice. In Europe and the United States market, spending power and luxury goods have enough appreciation of the middle-aged and the elderly, is still the most important luxury brand consumer groups. China’s middle-aged and old people, experienced poverty, has long been accustomed to thrift, buy luxury goods is usually for the purpose of giving gifts for their own use. Luxury brands in China to seize the group, those born in the rich era of the new generation of consumers.

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And China’s new generation of consumer preferences, consumer habits and even access to information and the older generation is very different. Which makes a strong fan base inland “small fresh meat” who, because of the frequent exposure and topic, more luxury brands to rush. Both Li Yi Feng, Wu Yifan endorsement of the Bulgari watch; Lu Han endorsement of the Cartier jewelry; Zhang Yixing also recently with the United States and Paris elegant series of watches together.

Have to say that the same is the female-based fan groups, “small fresh meat” because of the high degree of active interaction, fans age span than mature male stars are wider, many mother groups are also like. So frequent exposure and can actually guide the consumption, most people are happy to see, why the brand can not invite people to speak it?

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Although the physical characteristics of Cheap Replica Watches different, looks different, the wrist of the different thickness, but in the choice

of the watch, most men will choose a larger watch diameter watch, because enough large enough to have enough domineering and

pride. Just to the table on a pendulum will be able to feel their concentration of speculative and uninhibited temperament,

let alone worn on the wrist. So watch home today for everyone to recommend three large table watch, like a large table of

the table friends may wish to see.

Panerai RADIOMIR series PAM00687 watch

Watch Price: RMB 69,100
Watch diameter: 47 mm
Watch thickness: – –
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: AISI 316L Matte Stainless Steel
Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Luxury Replica Watches

This gradient brown plate Panerai large table watch is a good one in 2017 SIHH on the new one, from design to change the

design style in previous years, engraved on Luxury Replica Watches the bezel brand logo, the choice of both lines of the United States and angular

Scrub steel bezel, for the watch to add a unique visual experience. Gradient brown dial and three-dimensional time scale

against each other, making the time display more intuitive and ornamental. Two-pin design is to make this watch full of full

flavor. With a full connotation of the leather strap, so that this large table watch more mature men’s charm.

World pilot series IW510301 watch

Watch Price: RMB 104,000
Watch diameter: 48 mm
Watch thickness: 14.5 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Titanium
Waterproof depth: 60 meters

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To speak of large watchmaking watch, then the nations of the large pilots watch absolutely indispensable. I remember when

the market last year to meet this watch, giving the first impression is to meet the capital. Because from the table to the

onion head crown show the watch is unique and full of full sense and sense of quality. Small three-pin small seconds and

date display window integration, making the dial more orderly, showing a large dial on the connotation of charm.

Zenith pilots series 03.2430.4054 / 21.C721 watch

Watch Price: EUR 10400
Watch diameter: 48 mm
Watch thickness: 15.8 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Replica Watches China

Calendar, timing plus full of full of “onion” crown, this watch at first glance can give people a deep impression. 48 mm

steel case and black discs against each other, the large diameter of the original bold, rough into a meticulous and classic.

Heritage brand pilots series unique Arab time scale, the central pointer design, and the timing plate, week calendar window

perfect integration as a whole, making the overall sense of the watch is very strong, is also one of the big watch watch.

Summary: the preference for large watchmaking watch, more like the show on their own character. In this can reveal the wrist

of the season, to a large watch the watch is also a good chance to choose. Like the watch home today recommended three large

table watch watch friends, may wish to consider it.