Hublot repluca watches to celebrate the summer of the Mediterranean

Hublot repluca watches

Hublot repluca watches

July 28, 2017, the island of Cappuccino, Italy. A unique concept, a luxurious store, a tribute to the blue waters of crystal waters. In the summer season, Yu-ship table officially opened a new boutique, located in the central area of ​​the shopping area of ​​the island of Cappuccino.

The store design is inspired by sailing, which is the exclusive feature of the Mediterranean boutique (including Cervo, Cannes and Saint Tropez). This boutique is a new exhibition center in Kaburi, adjacent to other important international luxury brands. The opening ceremony of the new boutique was officiated by the Augusto Capitanucci, Regional Director of the Mediterranean Countries.

To celebrate the summer of the Mediterranean, Yu-ship table launched a new Big Bang Blue watch, showing the blue sky and the sea color. The watch selection of blue ceramic material, with blue and white natural rubber strap or blue crocodile leather strap, very suitable for summer night activities. Sky blue under the dial, equipped with a Yu-ship table Unico automatic winding flyback chronograph movement, equipped with guide column wheel, and can provide up to 3 days power reserve. It is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the summer.

Yu Bang table new Big Bang Blue watch limited edition of 100, first in the Cabri, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Cervo port and Mykonos brand summer boutiques on sale, then extended to Yu-ship table global boutique shop.

Angelababy Demonstration: Different occasions TAG Heuer replica watches

TAG Heuer replica watches

TAG Heuer replica watches

Angelababy recently the activities of the trip after another, and different styles of her different occasions also wear a

different watch. There are sports type also has elegant type, there is exactly the same with the positive teaching

materials, there have been some mistakes. Look at the demonstration of Angelababy, which do you think and the shape of the

most wild, which only need to pay attention to the occasion to wear it?
Angelababy wear Tiger TAG Heuer series of watch, in the Prague natural and relaxed travel atmosphere, Baby wearing a

sweatshirt, leather skirt, wearing the hands of Tiger TAG Heuer submarine series of dark blue watch, just with the

personality and fashionable Of black and white modeling match. A little bit of dynamic elements, mixed in the casual girl

dress, full of vitality, travel to wear such a table, there is no sense of burden.

Angelababy on the “running men” variety, the amount of activity to wear sportswear the most appropriate, Angelababy wearing

Tiger TAG Heuer series of watch. “Running men” program, Baby need to participate in the activities of great movement, she

still choose is This is only competing series. Blue fabric and rubber made of light straps, not only the superior

performance of sports watch to play, the details of the diamond time also does not lose the exquisite charm of women. This

is just the case.

Angelababy wearing Tiger TAG Heuer series of watches, although the first two occasions Baby watch selection is good, but a

Zuhai Mu La high set of dress with this sport-type timepieces combination, seemingly slightly reluctantly. Two types of

style, two kinds of style, did not wipe sparks. Dress soft and Xianqi, more suitable for wearing jewelry, diamond inlaid

watch or accessories.

Attendance activities to wear elegant romantic pink dress, with details of the gorgeous watch just, Angelababy wear Tiger

TAG Heuer series of dial series diamond watch

In public activities, dressed in naked pink dress of the baby was corrected with a mistake on the match. Decorated with

diamond ornaments dream romance, wrist to add a diamond-studded silver watch is successfully done icing on the cake, with

skirts, a grand occasion to echo the perfect occasion. Compared to the bracelet for accessories, the details of the gorgeous

watch to make more dignified shape, there are bold.

Baby’s red shirt and black A-shaped skirt shape, look bright and lively, Angelababy wearing Tiger TAG Heuer series of

diamond-studded series. In another event, the red shirt + black skirt beautiful look, so that the overall feeling of Baby

Lively age. This time a modest increase in a sense of pure and elegant taste very thought. Polished stainless steel and

white ceramic strap design, will be given to the dynamic and elegant. 60 diamond-studded case is also exquisite eye-

catching, and just with the Baby neck necklace on the diamond shine.

Each occasion has a corresponding Dress Code, watch also in different occasions, “condemnation”. Which watch do you think

most “wild” potential? May wish to share with you?

More pure and fresh three little TAG Heuer replica watches

Cheap Replica Watches

Cheap Replica Watches

Cheap Replica Watches

Unlike the junior pin design, the small three-needle dial gives a more pure and fresh look. It breaks through the habit of traditional viewing, and separates the second disk from the center, giving the wearer fresh feeling and surprise. Small three-needle watches tend to be simpler and more designed. The home of the wristwatch today recommends three simple three-needle wristwatches, which can bring different demeanor to your wrist.

TAG Heuer series WAS2111. FC6293 wristwatch

Wristwatch diameter: 39 mm
Wristwatch thickness: 12.6mm
Machine core type: automatic machine
Shell material: fine steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters

Swiss Replica Watches

With a bright sun and freshness, the tagtag is a good choice. This year’s popular blue color is the main color tone, blue sword shape pointer, blue crocodile leather watch band and blue time mark together for wrist watch fashion temperament bonus points. The silver – white dial and 39 mm fine steel case are lined with the perfect beauty. The striking Arabic numeral design is fused with the central time, making the instruction of time clear and intuitive, very convenient. The small second set is the date display disk, which gives the wrist watch a connotation of the charm.

Wristwatch diameter: 40mm
Wristwatch thickness: 8.9 mm
Machine core type: automatic machine
Shell material: fine steel
Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Replica Watches China

The sheer sense of design and quality is the charm of montblanc’s wristband. Like this little three-pin design wristwatch. Perfect round fine steel case, polished and polished to the full and seductive, very beautiful. On the simple mother-of-pearl dial, the blue central time pointer sets off against the clock, making the time instruction clear and intuitive, very convenient. The small second set is located at the 6th time of the wrist watch, and is decorated with the montblanc LOGO, which gives the wrist watch brand the exclusive charm. Pair with a black alligator strap to show the overall charm of maturity and atmosphere.

Wristwatch diameter: 35mm
Wristwatch thickness: 6.6 mm
Machine core type: manual machine
Shell material: stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 30 meters

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Wrist watch world “small pure and fresh” NOMOS brand most of the wrist watch is small three needle design, this watch is delicate and cabinet 35 mm stainless steel case, through brand processing after showing a full and inviting texture, very beautiful. White dial, blue steel needle with Arabic numerals and bar logo, make clear intuitive when it is read, 12 time mark position is equipped with a simple disk power reserve display function, and the position of wrist watch 6 time scale small seconds and date display window photograph echo, show a wristwatch exclusive design layout, very delicate. With a black horsehide, show the overall elegance of the charm.

Summary: the small three stitches are actually the evolution of “two needles” design, which will separate the small seconds, and also add a vivid and vivid to the two needle dial. A small three-needle watch with an alternative sense is a great way to improve your taste. Just like the list of three wristwatches recommended by the home of today’s wristwatch, you might as well think about it.